The Digital Chords Wheel (English).

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The Digital Chords Wheel it's a software development by Guitar Intensity with the intention to supply a tool for the musicians in the songs composition.

 The Digital Chords Wheel


When you select the roof key the software shows the compatible chords to harmonize the scale selected.

You can run from the computer Desktop or from Windows menu “Programs\The Digital Chords Wheel\The Digital Chords Wheel”.

Here you have the program icon:


When the program is running you can use “Select Key” option and select the root key to work, you can select too sharp (#) or flat (b), by default we have C as a root key and sharp (#).

When you select the key you can see the correct signature in the pentagram.

You can see for each scale grade the compatible chords to harmonize.

If you want to work with modes by default we have Ionian mode, but you can change the mode and the notes will be change too according to your selection.

You can see a tribute picture to Niccolo Paganini.

This software runs in Windows 7 and Windows 10.











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